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From the Director

Ride the Manufacturing Wave with Us

Steve LaPointe

Here we are again at the end of another successful Academic Year. I cannot even begin to tell you how fast the last few months have flown by. The QVCC Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center staff is proud of the student success achieved this year. Although we still have a few students to place in the workforce, we are confident everyone is on a new path with careers in manufacturing. This year we have 49 certificate graduates in both Advanced Manufacturing and the Mechatronics Automation Technician programs. We also awarded the most NIMS credentials (National Institute of Metalworking Skills) in a single year, 153. Next year we will begin giving students the opportunity to earn NIMS credentials in the Mechatronics program. The Mechatronics program is quickly filling with enrollment so you had better get moving if you want in! There is an immediate need for these skills by local businesses.

I am always talking to high school students who are undecided about their future. I suggest that Community College is a great way to start. QVCC has so many programs that lead directly to good paying jobs right here in our local area. The last 5 years our students have graduated with no federal debt. That is an important factor in starting your plans for life in general. It all starts with employment, and we have so many local businesses ready to hire our graduates with the skills they are looking for. I am sure you will find many testimonials from students who have attended QVCC that it was the right choice.

Connecticut is poised to do some great things in manufacturing. The money the Department of Defense has in their budget will filter down to companies like Pratt & Whitney, Electric Boat and Sikorsky. Those companies will be outsourcing many products that will come from the supply chain. The supply chain is all of the small manufacturing facilities that will be hiring students with the skills to fill their needs. QVCC has many opportunities to provide those skills.

Statistics to date:

·         Advanced Manufacturing Certificates                     187

·         National Institute of Metalworking Skills               456

·         Manufacturing Pipeline Graduates                           191

·         Employment and Job Placement                               95%


In conclusion, we are facing a boom in manufacturing. Some refer to it as a “tsunami”.  If it is what they say it is, grab your board, come to QVCC and let’s ride “the manufacturing wave” together.

Stephen LaPointe
QVCC Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center