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Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center

Not Just a Job but a Career

Supporting students and businesses from the Quiet Corner to the shoreline, the 10,000 square foot Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center provides hands-on learning opportunities for students as well as a location for area manufacturers with customized training needs. The Center includes a machine lab, mechatronics and metrology labs, classroom, conference space, and offices.

Start a career in just 10 months!

Advanced Manufacturing Certificate Program

Advanced Manufacturing is a world of innovation utilizing new technologies, software, automation and cutting edge materials. Our two semester Precision Machining Certificate will prepare you to join that world.


  • Paid internships
  • 95% job placement after graduation

Mechatronics Automation Technician Certificate Program

Mechatronics describes a field that combines mechanics and electronics. The technology is used to create automated processes that operate with minimal human intervention, freeing workers from routine tasks.


  • Paid Internships
  • Increase the skills you already have in manufacturing
  • Jobs are in demand

Our Manufacturing programs offer:

Paid Internships

Start an internship in your first or second semester!

95% Job Placement

Our manufacturing students get jobs!


Manufacturing in Eastern Connecticut is growing!

Apply 30 credits to a degree!

Continue with a Technology Studies degree

Ready to get started?

  1. Apply for Admission.
  2. Apply for Financial Aid by completing the Federal FAFSA, which determines eligibility.
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Contact Information

To learn more about the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center, contact:

Steve LaPointe
Steve Lapointe

Another Year Begins for QVCC Manufacturing

Where are the jobs??

The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center at QVCC is at the top of the list for providing the necessary training to obtain employment in less than 9 months. This Fall’s enrollment numbers for Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics show students are doing the research and finding this opportunity right here in eastern Connecticut.  QVCC has trained over 400 students in various manufacturing disciplines resulting in a 95% placement rate in jobs.

For many, changing careers can happen a few times during a lifetime.  With a career in manufacturing, you will have many different choices to stay in the industry. Both of our certificate programs offer paid internships, in the second semester, which will certainly lead to full time employment.  The average starting rate is $14.00/hour post-graduation, yet some of our graduates have earned up to high twenties per hour directly after program completion. I would say that’s a pretty good start to make future plans on what you want your life to be.

Earn Certifications

QVCC takes manufacturing to a new level.  We are constantly making improvements to meet the latest trends and incorporate lean concepts and continuous improvements. The QVCC difference is in its “commitment to excellence” which is clearly visible when you enter the building. The National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) will be visiting us at the end of September to evaluate our facility and give it NIMS Accreditation.  The NIMS certifications our students earn are valued by the industry leading to successful job placement.

Mechatronics is one of the fastest growing fields in advanced manufacturing.  Automation is a big part of America’s comeback in the global competition of manufacturing, yet there are many misconceptions that use of robots in automation are replacing jobs.  Not true; businesses are investing in people to  to maintain and program all of the new technology.  Our program provides you with the skills and training to keep an automation line up and running.

So my question to any of you who are reading this, what are you waiting for?

If you are all set with your career choice, recommend these opportunities to someone who hasn’t found their career path. Just a side note, our program is for everyone.  Our graduating classes have boasted many top females, Veterans and formerly unemployed people, as a result our success stories are scattered throughout Eastern Connecticut.

Please call us to come and check out our facility and get started on a new career path in Advanced Manufacturing at Quinebaug Valley Community College.

Stephen LaPointe
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center

To learn more about how to enroll in one of our Advanced Manufacturing Technology certificate programs, contact:

Jodi Clark

Assistant Director



Sandy Gould
Advanced Manufacturing Assistant