Released July 21, 2016

Quinebaug Valley Community College is one of 44 higher education institutions selected by the U.S. Department of Education to share $20 million in funding to support as many as 10,000 students taking college courses while still in high school.

For the first time, high school students will have access to Pell Grants, a form of federal financial aid that covers tuition, books, and fees for needy college students. Called the “Dual Enrollment Pell Experiment,” the grants will be available to current and future students.

Dual enrollment courses offer students a chance to save money, earn credits toward a degree, and get a taste of the college experience. Over 82 percent of public high schools partner with colleges to help more than 1.4 million students earn credits.

According to Alfred Williams, dean of academic affairs and student services, “There is no cap on the number of credits, so students have the potential to complete one year of college while still in high school.” In the spring of 2017 QVCC will offer Saturday classes aimed at high school students, giving them a head start on their college education. Classes may also be offered at the partner high schools.

QVCC President Carlee Drummer hopes parents of local high school students become aware of and take advantage of this unique funding. “The Dual Enrollment Experiment initiative provides the opportunity for Pell eligible high school students to jumpstart their college career and accelerate their degree attainment,” she said. “Quinebaug Valley Community College is proud to be among the 44 colleges and universities in the nation receiving this grant.”

For more information, students or their parents may call Kim Rich, director of financial aid, at 860-932-4141. For information about admissions, contact Sarah Hendrick, associate director of admissions, at 860-932-4096. Students can get the process started by completing the FAFSA at