quinebaug valley community college

Social Science Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Faculty and Staff

Jayne Battye 
Department Chair
Professor of Political Science
Office: E234B
Phone: 860.932.4057




Beth Alves
Professor of English and Communications
Office: E234A




Ling-chuan Chu
Professor of Psychology and Sociology
Office: E234C
Phone: 860.932.4072




Brian Donohue-Lynch 
Professor of Anthropology and Sociology
Office: E234B
Phone: 860.932.4078





Elkin Espitia-Loaiza 
Professor of Spanish
Office: Quad Mod 4
Phone: 860.932.4155




Mark Lowe 
Instructor of Humanities
Office: W203B
Phone: 860.932.4912