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STRIDE Benefits

Stepping Into The Future With Pride and Purpose

The STRIDE Program is a unique, state-funded reentry transitional support workforce development program operating within the Quinebaug Valley Community College’s administrative services division. The Program is fully funded by the Connecticut Departments of Correction. STRIDE is made possible through the collaborative efforts of CT’s visionary state legislators, the CT Departments of Correction, Labor, Social Services Welfare to Work Initiative, and Support Enforcement Services.

The class curriculum and post-release services are collaboratively designed with other state agencies to assist the women and men in successfully
re-entering the workforce upon release, to resume their parental roles and become productive, employed members of their community.

STRIDE Quick Facts

  • 2,134 participants served since program inception in 1999
  • Over 75 percent of our participants have reunified with their children
  • Over the past year, 140 jobs have been secured by our clients
  • STRIDE issued $95,000 Federal Bonds through the Union Insurance Group to employers who hired our participants
  • Windham County Roundtable Council Co-Founder
  • Co-Chair of the Greater Hartford Reentry Council (GHREC)
  • STRIDE is partnering with Capitol Workforce Partners (CWP) on the I-Best Second Chance Project
    and will be responsible for the pre-release component of this ground breaking pilot supported
    under Governor Malloy’s Second Chance Society Initiative most recently enacted in July 2015.

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