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Willimantic: QV@WT


QVCC offers credit courses Monday through Thursday evenings at Windham Technical High School, located just north of Main street in Willimantic, CT (near the campus of Eastern Connecticut State University).  The QV@WT entrance (shown in the above photo) is to the left of the WTHS main entrance.  Students are only to enter and exit through this door.  A security guard will be in the lobby.

Norma Marquez, QVCC’s Student Services representative at the WTHS site can be found on the second floor in the library.

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Upcoming Course Offerings

During the Spring 2019 semester, 31 different classes have been scheduled at the WTHS site (17 classes from a variety of academic disciplines, 12 ESL classes, and 2 non-credit classes).  Classes are being offered Monday through Thursday between 3:30 and 9:25 pm.  Registration opens on November 1, 2018.


ART 102      Art History II                                            W     3:30-6:25 pm
COM 173     Public Speaking                                        R      3:30-6:25 pm
CSA 105      Intro to Software Applications               R     5:00-7:55 PM
ENG 101     Composition                                               TR     6:30-7:55 pm
ENG 101S   Composition w/Embedded Support     TR     6:30-7:55 pm
ENG 102     Literature & Composition                       W     6:30-9:25 pm
ENG 281     Creative Writing                                        R     6:30-9:25 pm
ESL 025      Grammar II                                                T     5:00-7:55 PM
ESL 132       Reading/Writing III                                 MW     5:00-7:55 PM
ESL 135       Grammar III                                               T     5:00-7:55 PM
ESL 137       Oral Communications III                        R     5:00-7:55 PM
ESL 142      Reading/Writing IV                                  MW     5:00-7:55 PM
ESL 145      Grammar IV                                                T     5:00-7:55 PM
ESL 147      Oral Communications IV                          R     5:00-7:55 PM
ESL 152      Reading/Writing V                                    MW     5:00-7:55 PM
ESL 155      Grammar V                                                 T     5:00-7:55 PM
ESL 157      Oral Communications V                           R     5:00-7:55 PM
ESL 162      Reading/Writing VI                                 MW     5:00-7:55 PM
ESL 175      Grammar VI                                               T     5:00-7:55 PM
EVS 100     Intro to Environmental Science            W     5:00-7:55 PM
HIS 122      World Civilization II                                W     6:30-9:25 pm
HIS 202     U.S. History II                                           MW     3:30-6:25 pm
HUM 101     Intro to Humanities                                T     6:30-9:25 pm
MAT 085     Pre-Algebra & Elementary Algebra     MW     3:30-6:25 pm
MAT 095     Elem Algebra Foundations                   MW     5:00-7:55 PM
MAT 137     Intermediate Algebra                              TR     5:00-7:55 PM
MAT 137S     Intermediate Algebra Embedded       TR     5:00-7:55 PM
MAT 167     Principles of Statistics                            MW     5:00-7:55 PM
PSY 111     General Psychology I                                 M     6:30-9:25 pm


EDUC 6004    Math Bootcamp – Willimantic        3:00-4:59 pm     1/2, 1/3, 1/7, and 1/8/2019
REAL 2074     Real Estate P&P – Willimantic       MW     6:30 – 9:25 pm     3/4-5/20/2019

Click here to view the most up-to-date schedule, to include WTHS, Danielson, and online courses.


Norma Marquez is available for advising at the WTHS site during regular business hours.

For questions or more information about advising, please contact the Student Success Center at 860-932-4020 or via email at advising@qvcc.mrw.ninja.


During the spring and fall semesters, QVCC students have access to the Windham Tech library from 3:00 – 9:00 pm Monday-Thursday.  At other times, assistance from a librarian is available by phone at (860) 932-4007 or via email at library@qvcc.mrw.ninja.  In addition, a QVCC librarian is available to help students by appointment.

Click here for more information about Library services.

Tutoring Hours

During the Fall 2018 semester, tutoring will be available in the Library at the WTHS site during the following hours:
– Tuesday and Thursday: 3:00 – 8:00 pm – English and Math tutoring are available.
– Wednesday and Thursday: 3:30 – 7:30 pm – English tutoring is available.

For more information about tutoring and the Learning Center click here.

Do you need to take the BSA?

For more information about the Basic Skills Assessment (BSA) test, as well as a link to help you to schedule a test, click here.

Student IDs

All QVCC students are encouraged to obtain a student photo ID.  Student IDs are free to all students who are registered for credit courses at QVCC.
Student IDs can be obtained at the Learning Center on the Danielson Campus.  IDs can be made at the Windham Tech site by prior arrangement.  Please see Norma Marquez in the Library to make arrangements to have your ID made.

Blackboard Resources

Blackboard resources are available online 24/7 for your review.  Should you require additional information or assistance, please contact Pauline Clifford to schedule in-person or over-the-phone help.

Computer Lab

The Windham Tech library provides students with computer workstations and printing.  Free WiFi is available for QVCC students: log in to the ConnSCU network with your NetID and password, just like you do in Danielson.


Textbooks can be purchased at the Quinebaug Valley Community College Bookstore located on the Danielson campus.

Click here to access the QVCC bookstore.

Disability Services

The QVCC Disability Services webpage can be accessed by clicking here.  Please contact John Lepore, phone (860) 932-4069 for more information.


Windham Tech is located at 210 Birch Street in Willimantic CT, about one half mile north of Main Street.  For directions via GoogleMaps click here.


Free parking is available in the main Windham Tech parking lot.

Stay tuned for more information and updates!